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Eileen Daly
Ben Thirkettle


The Courtesans are a London Gypsy Glam Rock band, formed by British cult Horror actress Eileen Daly. Co-band member, Ben Thirkettle produces all the music for the band.
The Courtesans take inspiration from musicians such as, The Cramps and Alex Harvey, they are also influenced by classical music. The Courtesans sound is colorful, fun and organic. The band have a DIY attitude and a punk spirit.The Courtesan as a band has been going since 2005, since then a lot has happen, band members have come and gone, and alas in 2006 Eileen got very very ill, which lasted for many years, now The Courtesans are ready they are in the studio with over 30 songs, plus writing new ones, Ben produces all the music and Eileen and Ben write together..Unaligned with passing stylistic fads, the band draws from of a wealth of musical influences; the spikey waltz in “Doll”, tango and gypsy rhythms in “Mazeltof”, garage trash in “Webcam Girl” and sleazy swing in “Peckham Rolex”. Add to that echoes of Morricone, English psychedelia and psycho- country waltz, and you'll have some idea of what they're up to.

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"...Johnny Cash was on the stereo and a tiger was on the stage with the set-list stuck to him, luckily it was of the stuffed toy variety as there had already been talk of sinister vampire slaying following the band around. Eileen admitted to being very excited about the turnout and the whole evening as the band burst into opener 'Stickleback Song.' As far as many of these songs, certainly those not on the EP, were concerned I was only hearing them for the second time but they obviously hit the mark as they were instantly recognisable. 'Trailer Trash' bristled with Ben Thirkettle's flamboyant and mariachi sounding guitar leads and the socially acceptable observation on the unacceptable trash culture aired out on shows like the mentioned Jerry Springer really hit the mark. The audience moved sinuously around some slower numbers such as lounge-clad 'Brute Of Cute' and 'Burnout' which had a nursery rhyme oration about it before lush Indie etched guitar peels, if anything reminiscent of The Pixies, coursed out the speakers. Those waiting for the EP tracks were finally rewarded by 'Doll,' but it was ones I was not as versed in that I really enjoyed. The groovy Munsters mash up 'Webcam Girl' with an energetic beat about it and perversely amusing lyrics (luckily Herman never needed to resort to such antics with Lily about). Also 'Garden Of Love' which had more than a bit of 'They're Coming To Take Me Away' about it. Indeed they did too, as after hit of the day 'Peckham Rolex' it was time for dreaded cover 'Delilah.' Eileen kindly pointed out that I was unlikely to stay in the room for it and indeed I legged it to the back bar for some much needed refreshing laudanum. After the show the band were on hand to pose for photos and I don't think many left without buying a copy of the freshly signed EP. Those that did attempt to slip out and take off down Denmark Street may have had their fate sealed in blood… but that, dear reader, is another tale."