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Omowale Gordon, Justin Cutler, Joshua Cutler.


UK Music is on the up and with one of the hottest new Labels ready to unleash their new sound to world, and yes, it is about to get a whole lot warmer! KILLER KUTTZ MUSIC is a new digital record label about to drop their dirty bass lines, deep tones and dark side on this earth. A collective of 3 artists who have each traveled a different journey until their paths to crossed - as if being brought together by an act of the musical god. They operate together as KILLER KUTTZ. With their dark almost balearic electro sound, you will be taken on a musical journey consisting of dirty twists…wide sounds.. killer kuttz…warm heavy basslines infused with Jazz and blues melodies that will have your limbs trembling and your feet tapping to the groove. You will see what I mean when I say Summer 2012 is going to be the year when Killer Kuttz makes a splash on all shores!

KILLER KUTTZ MUSIC has been put together by the group KILLER KUTTZ ! The three key people are:

Justin Cutler (Mr J Cutter / Dj / Producer / Remixer / Promoter / label manager ) who has been at the heart of the underground drum and bass movement for over 12 years and now is his time to take centre stage.
"The energy in his sets is unrivaled, he is the next generation that will make sure DnB keeps growing"
Believe me the drum and bass scene is unlike no other, you have to earn your stripes before you get the chance to make your name. Justin also worked on the colossal Ibiza Underground (house & electro) events in the prime of their UK take over.

Joshua Cutler,(Live sax / Live keyboards / vocalist / producer / remixer ) Known to many as ARISE (or Arise on sax)! A supremely talented saxophonist. His improvisation, skill and dexterity is truly breathtaking , you may have seen him play at many a clubs or events around the uk.. Taking house music to another level there is nothing like hearing the man blow live... Playing sax and jazz influenced keyboards is part of his repertoire Josh has produced many soulful house tracks with Afrodiax , Matt Bandy and is part of the Jessica Symonds band.

Omowale Gordon (Mistic / Dj / Producer / Remixer / Promoter / label manager) has been producing music for over 12 years. Starting his own record label in 2004 he worked with numerous artists and many types of music from drum and bass to pop and engineered everything from albums to movies.
In 2011 he found a new love for Electro House music and wanted to add his dark edge to it. Teaming up with long time friends, Justin & Joshua who share the same vision to explore new sounds, they set out to create a digital label to showcase this music and twisted format.

Killer Kuttz will perform dj sets with live sax and more. To see the full spectrum and beauty of what they are about, check out KILLER KUTTZ LiVE which is an audio & visual display. Think big live performance with crowd interaction while In the mix, there are hosts / vocalists / live bands / And an array of dancers with Justin & Omowale showcasing live tracks, mixes and one off sound effects whilst Joshua plays killer hooks & kuttz on keyboard and sax.

Killa Kuttz are ready to make their mark on the dance world,check out there new wave of electro look out for there take on killer remixes. With a number of planned releases & collaborations in the pipeline, So, bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get down to the best dirty kuttz in music.

For remix requests, more information and to keep up to date on Killa Kuttz Music check

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standard dj & saxophone set requires

2 x Pioneer cdj 1000 or above

1x Pioneer or Allen & Heath mixer

2x imports for mic connections

For full live show please contact us for more details.

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