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Gerry Cinnamon is a Scottish singer songwriter with a difference.

His infamous live shows are a mixture of beat-up acoustic guitars, heartfelt vocals, whaling harmonicas, pounding drum machines and loop pedal harmonies, all sewn together in truly anthemic tracks such as Kampfire Vampire and Flickering Flame.

On record, the magic of his live performances are not only preserved but amplified.
Tracks such as Bathtime Blues/White Snow demonstrate his deft harmonica skills and the sincerity within his song-writing.
“On the day that the waves come down, and the world turns into the sea. I will swim to you till I drown, or the rocks make a mess of me.”

Gerry is well renowned for his eclectic styles of song-writing.
From the occult darkness of ‘Crowley’
“Mama always told me, never play with fire, The Devil sold me apples, said i could get higher”

To the sincere outpourings of internal conflict in ‘Fickle McSelfish’
‘I could tell by the tracks on your face, that you had been crying. I said the way you’re reacting, you’d think that somebody was dying.
Then you grabbed on my hair, bit on my lip till it bled. Fuck the notion of living without you id rather be dead.’

Songs like ‘Stars’ and ‘Kampfire Vampire’ are laced with intelligent social commentary on growing up in Glasgow and the Scottish music scene.
‘Boy stay away from the Kampfire, you got a head like stone.
Don’t be playing for the vampires, one bite and you never come home’

Unsurprisingly Gerry’s DIY ethic towards production has resulted in the self-recording of his entire (soon to be released) album. All final tracks haven’t seen the inside of a professional studio. He has chosen instead to record all his material in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms and by various means ranging from 8 track tape, to computer to even an iphone. This gives his records an authentic, more personal feel to them that is often lost in the studio. His ever-growing loyal fan-base is testament to his unique approach.

2014 is already set to be an exciting and successful year for the young man from the Southside of Glasgow. After selling out his first night at King Tuts, Gerry is set to return to the same venue as the headline act for the Summer Nights Festival Friday 25th July as well as Prestwick Prestfest and No Mean City in May/September.

With the album going to press in the next month, a new management deal, and more festival dates TBC, 2014 is going to be an exciting year for Scottish Music as well as Gerry Cinnamon.

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